Link Coin price skyrockets 117.2 percent after listings on Coinbase Pro

ChainLink, the blockchain platform which connects smart contracts to external data sources, is on a tear following listings on Coinbase Pro. Read Story on Adrypto

Link Coin price skyrockets 117.2 percent after listings on Coinbase Pro
Chainlink link coin on coinbase pro adrypto

Soon after getting listed on Coinbase pro, Chainlink is being bought and sold on the premium exchange and market saw price surge in a few days by 112%. But as usual with Coinbase listings, the token isn’t initially available to traders in New York, since it has higher regulatory standards.

While Coinbase didn’t commit to whether it will be available there in the future, it has introduced some tokens like XRP in the area. However, there are still a number of tokens that have been on the exchange for even longer, including EOS and Stellar (XLM), that are still unavailable in New York. 

The price of Chainlink’s native asset LINK rose 10 percent when the Coinbase Pro news broke on Wednesday.  It rose 4 percent so far on the heels of today’s announcement.  The oracle provider is already listed on Binance and other leading exchanges, including eToro and Huobi.

here.)" data-reactid="21" type="text">The Ethereum-based token is a decentralized oracle provider, aiming to connect smart contracts to external data sources, APIs, and payment systems. It’s already being used by various projects, including Celer, Ocean Protocol and Wanchain

Chainlink announced one of its biggest partnerships in recent days, connecting with Google to make it easier for developers to match  from BigQuery with data from the outside world. It also recently announced a collaboration with the world’s third-biggest software company, Oracle.